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Ginger is a perennial herb, native to South-East Asia, grown commercially throughout the tropics from Australia to Jamaica and several types are available. The herb has thick, branching rhizomes and grows 1-1.5 m tall with bright green reed-like leaves, 1-2 cm wide and 15-30 cm long. Flowers are yellow-green marked with purple, born in dense cones on separate stalks from the leaves. The herb is propagated by division and prefers to grow on fertile, humus rich, and well drained soil. If these conditions can be met in your area ginger will make a great addition to your home garden.

Ginger, as well as being a valued and popular condiment with many culinary uses in domestic and commercial preparations, it is also highly medicinal. Ginger is a general tonic for nerves and digestive organs. The essential oil is used in perfumery and as flavoring in the food industry.

Fresh grated and dried ground ginger is widely used in Chinese and Thai cuisines. Dried ground ginger is an ingredient of curry powder, chutneys, biscuits, cakes and desserts. Whole fresh ginger is crystallized in sugar syrup and made into confectionery and chocolates.

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